Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Foot Massage

The feet are often neglected, what better way to give the feeling of rejuvination throughout the entire body then to give foot massage. The techniques on how giving a foot masage listed here do not claim to have any documented medical benefits. However, in most cases, it will more than likely have the recipient walking away feeling better than they did prior to starting. When learning how to give foot massage, it is ok to make it your own. Although there might be some moves that you must be careful with to avoid injury, especially with pregnancy foot massage , it is really up to you on how to give foot massage.
I have provided a couple of possible routines how to foot massage below. They are designed around different concepts for someone with or without socks on. You may adapt your own style or method as you progress. Remember that there is no guaranteed massage stroke or move that everyone will love. Be aware of the eyes and facial reactions of the person you are giving a foot massage to so that you know if they are enjoying that specific technique. Giving a foot massage :

1. Fill a large tub with warm water; fill with Epsom salts and eucalyptus oil.
2. After soaking, dry off feet.
3. Do basic stretches with the foot; pushing the top of the foot away ( dorsiflexion) from you and pulling the top toward you ( plantarflexion ). If you need any help with definitions, you may review the foot glossary

4. Warm up the foot by rubbing it all over and appling lotion or oil in a sweeping motion. Include the top, heel and arch. Gliding strokes work best. It is important to rub the entire foot first to warm it up. If you start to apply deep pressure to the foot before warming it up, there is a greater risk of causing injury.

5. Cup the foot with your hands and squeeze with the appropriate amount of pressure. You may move up and down as you are holding the foot.

6. Wrap your hand around the top of the foot, and then apply pressure with your fist to the underside of the foot. You can apply pressure by pushing in and out or in a circular motion.

7. Using your thumb and a moderate amount of pressure, start at the top of the foot on each side. Now glide toward the botom along the sides of the foot. There are tendons that run along each side of the foot, these can be good to stretch.

8. Wrapping your hands around the foot from the front, squeeze firmly and pull upward alternating hands as you pull upward.

9. Rotate each toe starting the largest working to the smallest.

10. Finish giving a foot massage with a few sweeping strokes before finishing and gently resting your hands on the feet.

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