Friday, February 4, 2011

Korea Movie - Jeon Woo Chi : The Taoist Wizard - 전우치

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Artist Name(s) : Kang Dong Won, Kim Yoon Seok, Lim Soo Jung, Yeom Jung Ah, Baek Yoon Shik, Yu Hae Jin
Director : Choi Dong Hun 
Ghostbusters gets a unique Korean twist with the fantasy action blockbuster Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard. Writer-director Choi Dong Hun departs from his popular heist films Tazza: The High Rollers and The Big Swindle for this big-budget, special effects-filled action romp that was equally popular with the Korean audience, earning over six million admissions over the 2009 Christmas period. The star-studded film featuring Kang Dong Won, Lim Soo Jung (Happiness, A Tale of Two Sisters), award-winning actor Kim Yoon Seok (The Chaser), and Yu Hae Jin (Truck) has proven to be so popular that a spin-off comic book series is already in the works.
Based on a Korean folktale, Jeon Woo Chi stars Kang Dong Won, who has quickly become one of Chungmuro's biggest stars with this film and Secret Reunion, as the titular character, a mischievous magician in the Joseon era. Framed as his master's murderer, Jeon and his dog are imprisoned inside a scroll by three wizards until 2009, when he is freed by the wizards to battle evil goblins in the big city. The trouble is that Jeon is more enthusiastic about his new home and womanizing than his appointed assignment.

Korea Movie - The Man From Nowhere - 아저씨

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Also Known As : Ahjusshi / Ahjeosshi
Artist Name(s) : Won Bin, Kim Sae Ron
The biggest Korean movie of 2010, The Man From Nowhere has been both a commercial and critical hit, garnering over six million admissions at the box office and scores of accolades at the Blue Dragon, Daejong, and Korean Film Awards. Delivering the most representative performance of his career, Won Bin (Mother) won Best Actor at the Daejong and Korean Film Awards for his magnetic turn as a mysterious agent who goes to increasingly dangerous and desperate lengths to save a girl, played by award-winning child actress Kim Se Ron (Brand New Life). Four years after the acclaimed gangster drama Cruel Winter Blues, writer-director Lee Jeong Beom takes on the action thriller genre with a similar eye for humanity amid bloodshed, building the burgeoning violence around the protagonists' unlikely friendship.
Tae Sik (Won Bin) runs a dusty pawn shop in a seedy neighborhood, and largely keeps to himself. The only person he's befriended is So Mi (Kim Se Ron), a young girl who likes to take refuge in his shop. Trouble knocks on Tae Sik's door when So Mi's junkie mother comes in to pawn a camera bag - a bag full of stolen drugs. Gangsters tear up the pawn shop to get the drugs back, and Tae Sik finds out in the process that So Mi and her mother have been abducted. Tae Sik can only hunt down the mob himself to save So Mi, even if doing so reveals his own dark past.