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Thailand National Park - South

Detail Nation Park
1Than Bokkharani National ParkKrabi
2Khao Phanom Bencha National ParkKrabi
19Mu Ko Phi Phi National ParkKrabi
3Khao Luang National ParkNakhonsithammarat
21Hat Khanom Mu Ko Thale Tai N.P.Nakhonsithammarat
22Khao Nan National ParkNakhonsithammarat
20Nam Tok Yong National ParkNakhonsithammarat
4Sai Khao Waterfall National ParkSongkhla
5Khao Lak-Lamru National ParkPhang Nga
6ao Phang Nga National ParkPhang Nga
16Khao Lamphi National ParkPhang Nga
25Mu Ko Similan National ParkPhang Nga
24Mu Ko Surin National ParkPhang Nga
23Sri Phang-Nga National ParkPhang Nga
7Khao Pu Khao Ya National ParkPhatthalung
8Sirinat National ParkPhuket
9Laem Son National ParkRanong
10Phe Tra Islands National ParkSatun / Trang
11Tarutao National ParkSatun
12Thale Ban National ParkSatun
13Khao Sok National ParkSuratthani
14Tai Rom Yen National ParkSuratthani
15ang Thong National Marine ParkSuratthani
17Tarnto Waterfall Natural ParkYala
18Hat Chao Mai National ParkTrang
28Southern Thailand Botanical Garden Trang
26Khao Chong Nature & Wild Life CenterTrang
27Rajamangkala aquariumTrang
4Sai Khao Waterfall National ParkPattani
29Kapoh Waterfall ParkChumphon

Thailand National Park - North East

Detail Nation Park
1Phu Kao-Phu Phan Kham National ParkNongbualamphu
2Phu Wiang National ParkKhon Kaen
3 Phu Pha Man National ParkKhon Kaen
4 Tat Ton National ParkChaiyaphum
5 Pa Hin Ngam National ParkChaiyaphum
6 Khao Yai National ParkNakhon Ratchasima
24 Phimai Historical ParkNakhon Ratchasima
7 Phu Mu Reserved ForestMukdahan
8Phu Sra Dok Bua National Parkamnat Charoen
9Phu Rua National ParkLoei
10Phu Kradung National ParkLoei
11Phu Luang National ParkLoei
12Phu Phan National ParkSakhon Nakhon
13H uai Huat National ParkSakhon Nakhon
14Phu Pra Bath National ParkUdon Thani
15That Ngam National ParkUdon Thani
30Na Yoong Nam Som Forest ParkUdon Thani
16Phataem National ParkUbon Ratchathani
17Kaeng Tana National ParkUbon Ratchathani
18Phu Chong National ParkUbon Ratchathani
19Khao Kradong National ParkBuriram
20Huai Talat Reservoir and Birds ParkBuriram
21Phanom Rung Historical ParkBuriram
22Phu Phra Forest ParkKalasin
23Lam Pao Wild Life ParkKalasin
25Phu Wua Wild Life Reserve areaNong Khai
26Pha Nam Yoi aboretumRoi-Et
27Literature Botanical GardenRoi-Et
28Somdet Phra Si Nakarin ParkSi Sa Ket
29Phanom Sawai Forest ParkSurin

Thailand National Park - Central

Detail Nation Park
1Saiyok National ParkKanchanaburi
6Somdet Phra Sri Nakarin ParkKanchanaburi
5Prasat Muang Sing Historical ParkKanchanaburi
7Sri Nakharin National Park Kanchanaburi
8Erawan National ParkKanchanaburi
9Chaloem Rattanakosin National Park Kanchanaburi
2Khao Yai National ParkPrachinburi
3Thap Lan National ParkPrachinburi
10Morakot Historical Park Prachinburi
4Pang Sida National ParkSakaeo
11ayutthaya Historical Parkayutthaya
12Chainat Bird ParkChainat
13Khao Khitchakut National ParkChantaburi
14The Million Years Stone ParkChonburi  (Pattaya)
15Sam Roi Yot National ParkHua Hin
20Phra Nakhon Kriri Historical Park Phetchaburi
19Kaeng Krachan National ParkPhetchaburi
17Namtok Huai Yang National Park Prachuap Kiri Khan
16Khao Hin Thoen Stone Park Prachuap Kiri Khan
18Hat Wanakon National Park Prachuap Kiri Khan
21Samet International ParkRayong
22Chamao and Vong International ParkRayong
23Khao Samlan National ParkSaraburi
24Phu - Khae Botanical ParkSaraburi
25Phu Muang National ParkSuphanburi
26Koh Chang National ParkTrat
27Wang Kan Luang Waterfall ParkLopburi

Thailand National Park - North

1Doi Inthanon National ParkChiang Mai
2Doi Suthep National ParkChiang Mai
3Doi Luang National ParkPhayao
4Doi Khun Tan National ParkLamphun
5Mae Ping National ParkLamphun
6Salawan National ParkMae Hong Son
7Doi Phu Ka National ParkNan
8Wiang Kosai National ParkPhrae
9Taksin Maharat National ParkTak
10Lan Song National ParkTak
11Namtok Chattrakan National ParkPhitsanulok
12Tung Salaengluang National ParkPhitsanulok
13Phu Hin Rong Kla National ParkPhitsanulok
14Khlong Lan National ParkKamphangphet
15Mae Wong National ParkKamphangphet
29Kamphaeng Phet Historical ParkKamphangphet
30Khlong Wang Chao National ParkKamphangphet
17Nam Nao National ParkPhetchabun
18Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Preserve areaUthai Thani
19Sukhothai Historical ParkSukhothai
20Ramkhamhaeng National ParkSukhothai
21Si Satchanalai Historical ParkSukhothai
22Phu Hin Rongkla National ParkPhetchabun
23Si Thep Historical ParkPhetchabun
24Mae Yom National ParkPhrae
25Doi Phaklong National ParkPhrae
26Mae Wong National ParkNakhon Sawan
27Nam Tok Surin National ParkMae Hong Son
28Huai Nam Dang National ParkMae Hong Son
31Chae Son National ParkLampang
32Doi Luang National ParkChiang Rai

Festivals in Thailand - August

:: HM The Queen’s Birthday (Mother’s Day)
When:12 August 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
A national holiday to celebrate the birthday of Thailand’s beloved Queen, and a day to pay respects to all mothers. Public buildings are decorated, and children offer gifts to mothers and grandmothers.
:: Bhumibol Dam International Mountain Bike Championship
When:August 2011
Surrounded by the mountainous landscape, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and Tourism Authority of Thailand holds a mountain bike competition in Bhumibol Dam area. The competition ranges from 10 – 60 km. Amateur and professional mountain bikers enjoy the scenery of Thailand’s largest dam.
Created to promote an interest in outdoor sports and ecotourism at both national and international levels, the event also include mountain bike tour around the dam, mountain bike shops, local products, ecotourism and global warming reduction activities by students and folk music performance by student in the evening.
:: Chainat Pomelo Fair
When:August 2011
At the end of August to the beginning of September every year, luscious pomelos of Chainat come to display. Chainat grows different types of pomela and the best type of all is Khao Taeng Gwa. There is also pomelo competition, exhibition as well as pomelo growers’ shops selling the fruits and the plants. The fair is held in front of the City Hall of the province.
:: Surat Thani Rambutan Fair (Rong Rean Rambutan)
When:August 2011
Where:Surat Thani
Rong Rean rambutan which is indigenous in this province has made this province proud of its delicious taste. It is dubbed the best type of rambutan. Within the fair, there are rambutan competition, rambutan eating competition, agricultural exhibition, beauty pageant, local product (OTOP) stalls, mountain bike competition and fruit orchard tour. The fair is held annually at the bank of Chawang Canal, Na Sarn, Surat Thani to welcome the fruit harvesting season and tourism season.
:: Songkhla International Glorify Marathon
When:August 2011
Stay healthy while enjoying fresh air and oceanic view from both side of the running route. The marathon is divided into a full marathon (42 km), half marathon (21 km), mini-half marathon (10 km), wheelchair marathon. Fill the fun to the run with Fun Run (4 km) and Family Run. The marathon route starts from Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda Historical Park towards Tinsulanonda Bridge which is the longest bridge in Thailand.

Festivals in Thailand - June

:: Flower Alms and Buddhist Lent Candle Offering Festival
When:July 2011
Traditionally, after the food giving activity, Buddhists will go to pick up the local yellow flower, Mauve Dancing Lady which grow on the mountain ridge and bloom only in rainy season. On the Buddhist Lent day, the residents will give the flowers to the monks who will bring them to pay respect to the Buddha’s footprint situated in the temple. As a part of the festival, there are booths of local products, agricultural product, cultural parades, cultural performances and exhibition.
:: Buddhist Lent Candle Procession
When:July 2011
The residents offer the candles to the monk to use during Buddhist Lent. The highlight is the procession of the candles that have been finely carved by 10 districts in the province. They are displayed at Wat Pha Lay Lai Temple. There are also cultural performances.
:: Ongkarak Flower Fair
When:July 2011
Where:Nakhon Nayok
The fair is held at Santi Thammarat Temple, Klong 15, Mai Dak Mai Pradab Village, Ongkarak, Nakhon Nayok. There are plant and flower competitions such as plant, flower, vine plant and rare plants exhibition.
:: Gaeng Hin Pheung Rafting Festival
When:July 2011
Where:Khao Yai National Park, Nadee, Prachinburi
Rafting on Gaeng Hin Pheung can be done as far as 2.5 km at 6 rapids. There are rafting competition, Pétanque competition, traditional dance performances, OTOP products booths, religious ceremony and candle wax parade, singing and musical performances.
:: Buddhist Lent’s Candle Procession International Wax Sculpture
When:July 2011
Where:Thung Si Mueng, Mueang, Ubon Ratchathani
As a part of Asalha Puja and the Buddhist Lent ceremony, the festival features more than 60 pieces of candle work, His Majesty the King’s royal candle and the international candle-carving competition from various countries, performance from grand symphonic band, grand Thai classic theatrical Khon (play) performance as well as beauty pageant.
:: Buddhist Lent’s Candle Procession
When:July 2011
Where:City Hall, Nakhon Ratchasima
Following the religious tradition of Buddhist Lent, the candle festival is held every year. Candle carving competition, candle procession, light & sound presentation, local product stalls, local food fair take place at the City Hall on Thao Suranari Rd.
:: Pattaya International Marathon
When:July 2011
Where:Pattaya, Chonburi
Pattaya in coordination with TAT and Athletic Association of Thailand organise this international event annually. It has received increasing response from public. More than 1,500 international participants and more than 8,000 Thai were expected to join the marathon. The event features a full marathon (42 km), a half-marathon (21 km), a quarter marathon (10 km) and a wheel chair marathon (42 km).

Festivals in Thailand - June

:: Hua Hin Jazz Festival
When:17-19 June 2011
Where:Hua Hin Beach, Prajuabkirikhan
A true celebration of international jazz, traditional and modern, mostly presented on the resort’s superb beach. Located on the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand and only 220 km from Bangkok, Hua Hin, can be accessed by car and by train, a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
:: Phi Ta Khon
When:June 2011
A unique festival of Dan Sai in Loei province, Phi Ta Khon or ghost festival is believed to be a celebration of the return of the Buddha-to-be, Prince Vessandorn after leaving the village on a very long journey. People in the village were celebrating so loud that awoke the dead to join the celebration.
On the first and second day of this 3-day festival, people in the village are dressed in ghostly attire with ragged and colourful clothes and colourfully painted masks made from local bamboo rice cooker. The full version of the procession is on the second day which the residents sing and dance throughout the village. The last day is Buddhist ceremony in the temple.
:: Siam Tulip Festival
When:June 2011
June, as a part of the early rainy season, is the only time in a year that Siam Tulip is in bloom. The field of Pa Hin Ngam National Park and surroundings are stunningly covered with pinkish-purple flowers. As a part of the festival, there are mountain bike competition, exhibition, rock climbing and visit the viewpoint at Sai Thong National Park in the same province.
:: Petchabun Bun Bangfai Rocket Festival
When:June 2011
The festival is celebrated in order to appease the God of rain for the rainfall and it is also a way to preserve the local tradition of the northeastern region. Rocket competition, rocket parade and rocket firing competition are also a part of the festival.
:: Sisaket Rambutan – Durian Festival
When:June 2011
At Sisaket City Hall and Samtarom Agricultural Garden, the festival calls all fruit lovers to experience the delectable tastes of the fruits grown in the province. The festival include fruit fair, fruit eating competition, papaya salad competition, animal competitions, silk reeling competition, music and singing competition.
:: Soonthorn Phu Fair
Soonthorn Phu fair is held to commemorate one of the greatest poets of Siam, Soonthorn Phu. The fair exhibits his life and his work. Poetry competition, competition of decorated car illustrating his literature, school academic competitions and other entertainment.

Festivals in Thailand - May

:: Coronation Day
When:5 May 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
A public holiday marking the coronation of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
:: Royal Ploughing Ceremony
When:11 May 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
Observing the official beginning of the rice planting season, this traditional ceremony takes place in front of Bangkok’s Grand Palace, under royal patronage. A team of oxen draw a plough with symbolic rituals performed to bless the new crop.
:: Visaka Bucha Day
When:17 May 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
An important religious festival, recalling the birth, enlightenment and passing of Lord Buddha. Around every temple and monastery worshippers form candle-lit processions after sunset.
:: Lychee Fair
When:May 2011
Where:Chiang Rai
The festival is dedicated to the province’s tasty lychees. The fair offers a great opportunity to taste and buy this fruit at reasonable price. Adding the colours to the festival, there are beauty contest, agricultural exhibition as well as lychee competition.
:: Prachin Buri Agricultural Fair
When:May – June 2011
Where:Prachin Buri
Held at King Rama V statue in front of Prachin Buri City Hall, the fair features fruit and plant market as well as agricultural organisation’ products, agricultural processed products, agricultural product competition including bamboo shoot, giant fruits and vegetables. Boiling-vegetable dance competition adds fun to the fair.
:: Yasothon Bun Bangfai Rocket Festival
When:May 2011
The purpose of the festival is to fire the rocket into the sky in order to worship the god of rain and appease for the rains for the coming cropping season. The residents will build and decorate rockets containing gun powder. There are competitions for the most beautiful rocket and for the rocket that stays longest in the sky after the launch. Traditionally, the builders of the rocket that fail in launching are thrown in the mud. The festival is held at Phaya Tan Park.
:: Funky Fruit Festival
When:May 2011
Rayong is known as a fruit paradise due to a variety of fruits grown in the province. The festival, held during the harvesting season, offers an array of fruits on sales at reasonable prices, a fruit car parade, beauty pageant, cultural performance, fun competitions such as fruit eating competition.
:: Salak Festival
When:May 2011
Trat is also a province that grows a variety of fruits. The highlight of this fruit festival is salak but it is not the only fruit to be representing in this fair. Other fruits such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen and pineapple also take part. Activities within the fair include fruit parade, exhibition from state and private organisations, beauty pageant, fruit orchard tour and fruit market. Irrelevant to the fruit but indigenous to the region, there is Thai Ridgeback dog competition and fighting cock competition.
:: Chantaburi Fruit Festival
One of the fruit heavens, Chantaburi holds the fruit festival to share the sumptuous array of fruits it has to the world. The festival, held at Sam Liam Thung Na Choei field, features fruit decorated car competition, beauty pageant, various fruit competitions such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen, salak and santol. There are also gemstone booths as well as stalls from other agricultural groups. Thai Ridgeback dog competition is also a part of the festival.