Sunday, January 30, 2011

Festivals in Thailand - June

:: Flower Alms and Buddhist Lent Candle Offering Festival
When:July 2011
Traditionally, after the food giving activity, Buddhists will go to pick up the local yellow flower, Mauve Dancing Lady which grow on the mountain ridge and bloom only in rainy season. On the Buddhist Lent day, the residents will give the flowers to the monks who will bring them to pay respect to the Buddha’s footprint situated in the temple. As a part of the festival, there are booths of local products, agricultural product, cultural parades, cultural performances and exhibition.
:: Buddhist Lent Candle Procession
When:July 2011
The residents offer the candles to the monk to use during Buddhist Lent. The highlight is the procession of the candles that have been finely carved by 10 districts in the province. They are displayed at Wat Pha Lay Lai Temple. There are also cultural performances.
:: Ongkarak Flower Fair
When:July 2011
Where:Nakhon Nayok
The fair is held at Santi Thammarat Temple, Klong 15, Mai Dak Mai Pradab Village, Ongkarak, Nakhon Nayok. There are plant and flower competitions such as plant, flower, vine plant and rare plants exhibition.
:: Gaeng Hin Pheung Rafting Festival
When:July 2011
Where:Khao Yai National Park, Nadee, Prachinburi
Rafting on Gaeng Hin Pheung can be done as far as 2.5 km at 6 rapids. There are rafting competition, Pétanque competition, traditional dance performances, OTOP products booths, religious ceremony and candle wax parade, singing and musical performances.
:: Buddhist Lent’s Candle Procession International Wax Sculpture
When:July 2011
Where:Thung Si Mueng, Mueang, Ubon Ratchathani
As a part of Asalha Puja and the Buddhist Lent ceremony, the festival features more than 60 pieces of candle work, His Majesty the King’s royal candle and the international candle-carving competition from various countries, performance from grand symphonic band, grand Thai classic theatrical Khon (play) performance as well as beauty pageant.
:: Buddhist Lent’s Candle Procession
When:July 2011
Where:City Hall, Nakhon Ratchasima
Following the religious tradition of Buddhist Lent, the candle festival is held every year. Candle carving competition, candle procession, light & sound presentation, local product stalls, local food fair take place at the City Hall on Thao Suranari Rd.
:: Pattaya International Marathon
When:July 2011
Where:Pattaya, Chonburi
Pattaya in coordination with TAT and Athletic Association of Thailand organise this international event annually. It has received increasing response from public. More than 1,500 international participants and more than 8,000 Thai were expected to join the marathon. The event features a full marathon (42 km), a half-marathon (21 km), a quarter marathon (10 km) and a wheel chair marathon (42 km).

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