Sunday, January 30, 2011

Festivals in Thailand - August

:: HM The Queen’s Birthday (Mother’s Day)
When:12 August 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
A national holiday to celebrate the birthday of Thailand’s beloved Queen, and a day to pay respects to all mothers. Public buildings are decorated, and children offer gifts to mothers and grandmothers.
:: Bhumibol Dam International Mountain Bike Championship
When:August 2011
Surrounded by the mountainous landscape, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and Tourism Authority of Thailand holds a mountain bike competition in Bhumibol Dam area. The competition ranges from 10 – 60 km. Amateur and professional mountain bikers enjoy the scenery of Thailand’s largest dam.
Created to promote an interest in outdoor sports and ecotourism at both national and international levels, the event also include mountain bike tour around the dam, mountain bike shops, local products, ecotourism and global warming reduction activities by students and folk music performance by student in the evening.
:: Chainat Pomelo Fair
When:August 2011
At the end of August to the beginning of September every year, luscious pomelos of Chainat come to display. Chainat grows different types of pomela and the best type of all is Khao Taeng Gwa. There is also pomelo competition, exhibition as well as pomelo growers’ shops selling the fruits and the plants. The fair is held in front of the City Hall of the province.
:: Surat Thani Rambutan Fair (Rong Rean Rambutan)
When:August 2011
Where:Surat Thani
Rong Rean rambutan which is indigenous in this province has made this province proud of its delicious taste. It is dubbed the best type of rambutan. Within the fair, there are rambutan competition, rambutan eating competition, agricultural exhibition, beauty pageant, local product (OTOP) stalls, mountain bike competition and fruit orchard tour. The fair is held annually at the bank of Chawang Canal, Na Sarn, Surat Thani to welcome the fruit harvesting season and tourism season.
:: Songkhla International Glorify Marathon
When:August 2011
Stay healthy while enjoying fresh air and oceanic view from both side of the running route. The marathon is divided into a full marathon (42 km), half marathon (21 km), mini-half marathon (10 km), wheelchair marathon. Fill the fun to the run with Fun Run (4 km) and Family Run. The marathon route starts from Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda Historical Park towards Tinsulanonda Bridge which is the longest bridge in Thailand.

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