Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nana Plaza - Soi Nana

Three floors of nightlife activity around a central atrium. Nana Plaza has been somewhat affected by a 2003 nightlife 'crackdown', a few years back. Bars used to have a lot of naked dancing. One of the attractions of Nana Plaza was that many bars had shows on offer, sometimes of the more degrading variety. Nudity was a no-no for many years (possibly also the bars colluded to keep things clean), but in 2009 we noticed that some bars are showing again.
The first floor has a lot of busy and exciting bars, including Rainbow 2, Playskool, Rainbow 1. On the left in the middle you will find Pretty Girls bar. The Rainbow bars at ground level are invariably busy.
On the second floor, G-Spot, a large bar is in the right far corner. Next to G-spot is one of the most crowded bars on the Plaza, Rainbow 4. In the left far corner is Casanova, a well known ladyboy (katoey) bar. On the left side, you will find the rather flashy (by Nana standards) newly decorated Spankys, and Angel Witch, long famous for its choreographed shows.
The third floor offers less bars. On the left the large Carousel bar, which has shows on offer. On the right and the far right corner you have Carnival and Cascade bars respectively, both featuring mainly (or only) ladyboys.
Nana Plaza is more expensive than Patpong (less and less relevant, though known by name) and used to be more expensive than Soi Cowboy, but not anymore. In most larger bars, beer is priced at 120-150 baht, as are most liquor drinks. Soft drinks and lady drinks are now also above the 100 baht barrier, sometimes much higher.
Before I forget, the central atrium, as well as the entrance to the Plaza, feature a number of beer bars, that can be used to enjoy the scenery and do some 'people-watching', if you prefer not to go inside the go-go bars.

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