Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Road Signs 1

haam jort dta-lort naew - Don't park all the way

khet choom chon lor kwaam rew - City Limit Reduce Speed

mao mai kup - Don't drink and drive

see sib gor mor - 40 kilometres (per hour)

chit sai - Keep Left

fon dtok ta-non leun - Road is slipperly when wet (rain)

fai maa bpaa mot - Fire come, forest gone

soong soot daen sa-yaam - The highest spot in Thailand

khet haam saeng - No over-taking in this area

taang long kao kot-kee-o lae lat-chun ra-ya-taang 2 gor-mor - The road down is windy and steep for 2 kms

chom tew tut - Scenic Area

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