Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thai Fruit Carving

Thai fruits are not just delicious – they are also beautiful. And as if nature isn’t big enough of an artist, human beings like to beautify it even more. That’s why Thai fruit carving is so popular. Because a “normal” fruit is transformed into something completely different and absolutely beautiful. These are real pieces of art.

Carving is one of the most enjoyable things you can do in the kitchen, allowing you to express yourself freely and let go of your imagination in terms of food design ad decorations. However, some good carving requires the best tools, which is why the carving knives you use, for instance, are very important. Carving has the purpose to make your food look more attractive and seem more delicious and exotic, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way in terms of the way it tastes.
Carved food can make you look better in front of your guests and can also have the news spread that you are a very good and pretentious cook. Vegetables are perhaps some of the more attractive things you can serve someone, their range of colours and designs making everything look even more sophisticated. The same goes for fruit, which have the same results, mainly for the same reasons.
However, you should pay attention to a few things before you start carving and these things also have to do with the tools you use. The first step consists of the washing of the food to be carved and then of choosing the proper carving knife for the job you want to do. Although it may be tempting, too much carving is not recommended because it leads to the loss of significant nutritional value, which is not something you should throw away so easily. Also, you should be attentive to the designs you should because these should be attractive and pleasant, not gross or grotesque. Also, when it comes to choosing the vegetables to deal with, the best ones are those which don’t wilt, being able to resist more on your plate.
The aspect of a certain dish is very important both for your and your guests, therefore you should be careful with everything you do and you should, by no means, bruise the vegetables and fruit.
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