Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Somboon Restaurant: The best seafood in Bangkok

Since 1969, Somboon Seafood started a business of restaurant serving Seafood, Chinese food and beverage. From 1 block of commercial building at SamYan (beside the commerce and accountancy faculty, Chulalongkorn, i.e. Jamjuree Square, Somboon was becoming well-known more and more from his special menu which is so-called "Fried Curry Crab". With the original and extraordinary recipe, this menu becomes a brand identity of Somboon Seafood accordingly. Until now Somboon Seafood has opened 5 branches as follows:

1. Bantadthong Branch
2. Surawong Branch
3. Ratchada Branch
4. UdomSuk Branch
5. SamYan Branch re-opening in the beginning of July 2008

Website : http://www.somboonseafood.com

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