Friday, January 28, 2011

Festivals in Thailand - April

:: Chakri Day
When:6 April 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
A public holiday commemorating the founding of the Chakri Royal Dynasty by King Rama I, in 1782. Traditional ceremonies are held around statues of all past Chakri kings.
:: Songkran Festival (Thai New Year)
When:13-17 April 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
The hottest month in Thailand is perfect timing for this festival, when water, lots of it, is sprinkled on Buddha images and thrown around by everyone, in a symbolic act of blessing to bring good luck for the coming year. If you are taking photos, be sure to have a waterproof bag for your camera, but it is all good-natured fun, with traditional music and dance, games and other festivities held throughout Thailand.
:: Poi San Long Procession
When:April 2011
Where:Mae Hong Son
Poi Sang Long is a ceremony practiced amongst Tai Yai people to ordain boys into Buddhist novices in order to study Buddhist doctrines. On the first day, the boys’ s hair is shaved except for the eyebrows, beautified by colourful clothes, makeup and flowers and brought to pay respect and apologise the elderly for any wrongdoings they might have done. On the second day, they are carried on the horse back or a person’s shoulders in a procession along the street accompanied by people in the village. The third day, they are again brought in a procession along the street to the temple to start the ordainment.
:: Cantaloupe Festival
When:April 2011
In front of the Aranyaprathet Train Station, the festival features different types of cantaloupe such as Sun Lady, Jade Dew, Honey World, Greenette, agricultural exhibitions, cantaloupe salad competition and other competitions.
:: Phum Pone Castle Traditional Event
When:April 2011
There are the castle worshipping ceremony, Thai boxing competition, silk fashion show, light & sound show of the triangle love legend and a mini-concert. The event aims to promote the tradition and historical site Phum Pone Castle located Dom, Sankha, Surin, the oldest stone castle in Thailand.
:: The Underwater of Chumphon
When:April 2011
To maintain the marine environment sustainably, the activities on this festival include letting newly bred aquatic animals into the sea, diving to clean the sea, treasure hunting games, tourism entrepreneur fair. The event is held on Thung Wua Laen Beach, Sa Phlee, Pathiew, Chumphorn.
:: Phra Nakhon Khiri Fair
When:April 2011
An inauguration is the ceremony to worship the city pillar shrine and King Rama IV, V and VI. There are also tram city tour with the guide telling stories about the town as well as performances from The Fine Arts Department, parades, Red Cross fair, cow racing, travel photography competition and many more. The fair is held at Khao Wang and around Mueang District surrounding.

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