Friday, January 28, 2011

Festivals in Thailand - January

:: New Year’s Day
When:1 January 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
The start of the international calendar, marked in Thailand as a public holiday, with lavish parties, is just one of three New Years observed with enthusiasm by Thai people.
:: Bor Sang Umbrella and Sankampaeng Handicraft Festival
When:January 2011
Where:Chiang Mai
This 3-day fair stretches 1 km long, starting from the entrance to the end of the village. The houses and shops along the road are colourfully decorated in Lanna style and the illuminated with handmade lanterns. Umbrellas are craftily painted and brought to adorn the houses. There is a car parade displaying decorated umbrellas, handicraft competition, handicraft stalls, Kon Tok dinner, beauty pageant, traditional performances and other forms of entertainment.
:: Chrysanthemum in Bloom Festival
When:January 2011
Where:Nakorn Ratchasima
Witness the beauty of colourful chrysanthemums in bloom and experience the refreshing temperate climate during the cool season in front of Office of Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Thai Samakkee, Wang Nam Khoew, Nakorn Ratchasima
:: Boon Khoon Lan
When:January 2011
Where:Amnat Charoen
In January every year, after harvesting the rice, farmers will gather all crops in the rice ground. To show gratitude to the rice and deity is Mother Posop who provides food to people, Buddhist ceremonies to revere the rice grain are held in the evening and the morning of the following day. Then there will be blessing ceremony and the local ceremony.
:: Unseen in Trang
When:January 2011
The fair is held to help promote tourism in the province through the exhibition of tourism entrepreneurs, local products (One Tambon One Product or OTOP), local food products, exhibition of attractions, sports, recreation, Thai traditional performance, Trang’s cultural performances as well as locals’ activities of the residents.
:: Orchid Festival at Ancient City
When:December 2010 - January 2011
Where:Samut Prakan
The festival is held at Suan Krai Thong, Ancient City in Samut Prakan. Various types of orchid and decorative plants are displayed. There is also competition for the most in traditional Thai dresses.
:: Phimai Historical Park Fair & Mini Light and Sound Presentation
When:January - April 2011
Where:Nakhon Ratchasima
Guests are welcomed in blessing ceremony by Phimai residents. Experience the Khmer’s invaluable architecture, dine the local cuisine amidst the historical ambience while watching traditional Thai performances and mini-light and sound performance which is originated from the pictures engraved on the temple which is delivered through traditional dances. Ancient Thai boxing dance and Phimai Pura dance telling story about the prosperous period of Phimai in the past and Khmer civilization are performed. There is also parade of the Buddha.

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