Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dusit Zoo In Bangkok

Dusit Zoo was formerly a part of the Royal Dusit Garden Palace, called Khao Din Wana, which was set up by King Rama V as his private botanical garden. In 1938, the Royal Thai government under Field Marshal P. Pibunsongkhram, then prime minister, asked the King for the land to set up the zoo for the public. King Rama VIII granted the land and the government appointed the Bangkok Municipality to the build the zoo in March 1938. The zoo was turned over to the Zoological Park Organization of Thailand in 1954.

Roles of Dusit Zoo
1. Bring people in contact with animals for educational and recreational purposes.
2. Reasonability in the welfare, caring and breeding of animals to prevent extinction.
3. Ensure the animals quarters are as comfortable as their natural habitat.
4. Produce a zoo environment which serves truly as place of recreation and relaxation

= Fast Facts = 
Location :Bangkok                                 Animals :1598 lives
Size :118 rai                        Mammals :288 lives
Established 1938Reptiles :292 lives
Visitors :2,500,000/yearBirds :1018 lives
Hours :9:00 - 18:00
Adult Fee :30 Baht
Child Fee :5 Baht

1.Head office / Public room
2.Pheasants & Peacocks Aviary
3.Watersports Pier
4.Reptiles Exhibit
5.Monkey Zone
6. Children Zoo
7. Nocturnal Animals Exhibit
8. Zoo Museum
9. Play Land

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