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Kho Samui Guide

A Guide to Koh Samui
Koh Samui is the third largest island of Thailand after Phuket and Koh Chang. Thanks to Samui International Airport, Samui can be reached within an hour from Bangkok. Samui has everything to offer, from relaxing on white sand beaches to pristine jungles to a vibrant nightlife. It has different beaches of different landscapes and characteristics but the popular ones are Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut & Maenam. Great facilities as well as a wide range of accommodations ranging from bungalows to 5-star resorts suitable for all budgets are available throughout. A variety of restaurants of all flavors and nationalities invite for delicious dining. Those who enjoy pampering and rejuvenating will find Samui a paradise of spa and massage. Activities for relaxation, adventure or family abound such as elephant trekking, sailing, diving, golfing. Sightseeing activities include, to name but a few, waterfalls, temples, butterfly garden, zoo, monkey theatre. All is waiting to be experienced.

Weather and Climate
Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Samui has a tropical monsoon climate. Hence, checking the weather is an ideal. Samui has hot, dry and wet seasons. The temperature on the island is pleasant with the sunshine all year long so you can keep away your jumpers. During rainy season is nothing to worry about as it lasts 30 - 60 minutes a day. You will be greeted by the sunshine before and after the downpour.
In this section, temperature, amount of the rainfall of each month and the best time to visit are shown to help you plan the best time to visit Samui including actual time and temperature, sunrise and sunset time. Check out the full moon, half moon and dark room to plan a party. Beach webcam shows different beaches.

Getting there
Although Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand with the distance of 35 km from the mainland in Surat Thani, getting to Samui is no hassle. There are different options of travelling there. The fastest way to get to the island is by plane. Samui has an international airport with flights from Bangkok and overseas. Flights from Bangkok take only about 60 – 90 minutes. There are also buses running from Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Surat Thani which takes around 12 hours, then take a ferry to cross over to the island. There are different types of buses to choose from. The cheapest way to get there is to take the train. Then take the local bus to the pier and pier to take the ferry. Information on the flights with flight schedules from Bangkok to Samui and from Samui to Bangkok, airport information, bus information, ferry schedules from different companies and some useful travelling tips are provided in this section.
Teeming with beautiful natural resources, Samui has been beckoning tourists from all over the world for decades. Samui has offered plentiful natural and man-made attractions to discover both in water and on land. Located in prolific underwater world, the island allows tourists to explore what lies beneath with colourful dive sites as well as other surrounding islands. On land, besides the sandy beaches, attractions created by the forces of nature can amaze the visitors such as the rock sculptures, Hin Ta - Hin Yai and refreshing waterfalls located inland in the different parts of the island. As a Buddhist country, religious sites such as the Big Buddha, Magic Buddha Garden and Sawadee Shrine are built with religious arts, architecture, legend as well as myth. Furthermore, there are some other amazing attractions like Ancient Teak House, the oldest house on the island. Witness the amazement of the different animals such as butterflies, snakes, and crocodile in shows, farms and museums.
Beaches in Samui
Samui covering an area of 228.7 sq km is located in azure sea of the Gulf of Thailand. It is known for its natural resources and picturesque landscape. The coastline is comprised of 19 beaches with 6 of them are main destinations. Each one is different in characteristics which add the charm to the island. The common sights of the beaches that you will find is fringed by coconut trees providing shades for hiding the scorching sun. Some beaches have powdery white soft sand, golden in colour or rocky. The atmospheres are also distinct. You can find all, from vibrant to almost deserted. Some beaches provide magnificent spots for watching the sunset and sunrise over the glittering water. Activities and facilities abound on most eastern beaches with restaurants, bars, accommodations and water sports while the western beaches are suitable for those who seek tranquility. This section provides the map and information on 19 beaches on the east and west sides of the island with suggested accommodations.
Sports & Leisure
Samui has grown increasingly as a major tourist destination with development of infrastructure, accommodations, attractions as well as activities both on water and on land. Large and small surrounding islands offer a beautiful chance to explore. Scuba diving and snorkeling should not be missed. There is an abundance of coral reefs, colourful schools of fish and a variety of aquatic animals that you will witness. Kayaking and canoeing are a great way to explore the beautiful shoreline of the island. Other watersports such as jet ski or sailing are available throughout. Kite boarding and bungy jump are not for those who are faint-hearted. To appreciate the lush green nature of Samui, Cable Rides Rainforest offers more than 500 metres ride on a cable. If you don’t appreciate much of height, trekking or mountain biking can be another choice to enjoy the nature. Golfers would not miss the chance to go on a tournament with friends here. Samui offers a good choice of courses amidst stunning views.
Travel & Tours
There are hundreds of activities that ones should not miss to appreciate the beautiful nature and the fun that Samui has to offer. Arranging the tour is made easy by packages with value for money. Normally, packages are less expensive than booking the travel yourself in regard to the transports, meals and accommodations. Whether you would like to take a trip around the island and to the surrounding islands, venture out in the sea for game fishing, discover the green forest on a safari tour on foot, by 4x4 WD, ATV Quad Bike or on elephant’s back, there is a wide range of options with full day, half day or just one hour for you to choose from. Packages to Full Moon Party on Phangan Island can be easily arranged for party-goers. Wild hearts can enjoy the thrill of cable ride over the lush environment of the inner island. This section facilitates you with list of tour package of various interests, booking engine for tour packages as well as accommodations and currency conversion.
Dining in Samui
Food industry has increasingly grown in Samui. The island, a tropical paradise, not only offers imposing scenery and landscape but also an awe-inspiring dining and wining. There is an array of restaurants located on the beaches as well as inner island. Whether you opt for a fancy dinner in an internationally acclaimed restaurant, a resort restaurant, a romantic dinner by the sea, festive dining with live music or a low-key food stall, Samui has all to offer. Ambience is an essential ingredient of a dining and the view is a seasoning spice for your food. Different beaches in Samui offer you a great choice whether it is beachfront or on a cliff protruding into the sea. Various types of cuisine are available such as Thai food, Mediterranean, Japanese, Swiss, Italian, Scandinavian and many more. Fresh seafood from the sea could not be deniable. This section provides information on Thai food, its basic ingredients and a complete list of restaurants divided by beach location and nationalities.
Nightlife in Samui
Samui has one of the most vibrant nightlife in Thailand. When the sun goes down, all the illuminated signs of night clubs, pubs and bars are alight along the beaches like on Chaweng, Bophut and Lamai. A wide variety of venues to choose from, such as bars, pubs, discos with local and international DJs to spin the tune. Themed bars and theme party such as ice bar, foam party are recently added to Samui to add the fun to the night. Be entertained by an extravaganza and glamour of the cabaret shows on Chaweng and Lamai beaches. Those who prefer enjoy the night with live music, there are some leading venues to serve good music from local musicians as well as musicians from all over the world whether it is jazz, rock and blues. Not everywhere in the night in Samui would be so boisterous, a quite night in a pub can also be sought. They range from beachfront or side street bars, great for watching passer-by to luxurious hotel bars overlooking the serene sea at night.
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