Thursday, January 20, 2011

Muay Thai Techniques

While it may be possible to win a fight by using just one Muay Thai techniques for a Muay Thai boxer, by properly mastering the use of each of his weapons he will be able to confidently face any opponent.
Muay Thai boxing techniques are the way to effectively use eight weapons in Muay Thai which are fists, elbows, knees and feet. They also include Muay Thai tricks both Mae Mai (Master Tricks) and Look Mai (Complimentary Tricks) which are the fighting movements in Muay Thai Kickboxing.


Muay Thai Techniques - Punches

Muay Thai Punch Techniques tells you the way to effectively use fists, how to clench the fists, twisting the wrists techniques, and five categories of Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques in punches:
  • Jab
  • Straight Punch
  • Swing
  • Uppercut
  • Hook

Muay Thai Techniques - Elbows

Muay Thai Elbow Techniques - It is about how can you properly use elbows to beat the opponent, Muay Thai elbow techniques mechanism, and eight types of elbow strikes in Muay Thai Boxing techniques:
  • Sok Ti (Striking Elbow)
  • Sok Tad (Perpendicular Elbow)
  • Sok Hud (Levering Elbow)
  • Sok Chieng (Diagonal Elbow)
  • Sok Sab (Chopping Elbow)
  • Sok Tong (Smash Downward Elbow)
  • Sok Ku (Double Elbows)
  • Sok Klab (Reverse Elbow)

Muay Thai Techniques - Knees

Muay Thai Knee Techniques - The way to efficiently use knees. Muay Thai knee techniques are divided into 7 categories:
  • Kao Tone (Straight knee)
  • Kao Dode (Jumping knee)
  • Kao Nui (Small knee)
  • Kao Kratai (Rabbit knee)
  • Kao La (Farewell knee)
  • Kao Lod (Lower knee)
  • Kao Loi (Flying knee)

Muay Thai Techniques - Kicks

Muay Thai Kick Techniques - There are 5 popular types of kick in Muay Thai Boxing techniques:
  • Tae Tad (Side Kick or Round Kick)
  • Tae Chiang (Diagonal Kick)
  • Tae Kod (Hook kick or Down round kick)
  • Tae Pub Nok (Kick to the outside of the knee joint)
  • Tae Pub Nai (Kick to the inside of the knee joint)
Other than kicks in Muay Thai, we also use feet techniques to fight the opponent. We called foot-thrust, push kick, or Theep (in Thai). To describe the foot-thrust weapon, it is the method of bend at the knee, then quickly extending your leg to use foot or heel to attack the target.

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