Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thai Dessert 1

Sticky Ricky with Ripe Mango
khao nieow ma-muang

This Thai dessert is a favourite for most foreign visitors. It can be quite sweet at times, so don't pour too much coconut cream on the sticky rice. Of all the Thai desserts, you must try this one at least once. But a word of warning, it is very addictive and will expand your waistline.

Mung Beans in Sugar Syrup
tua-kieow tom nam-taan

I am not really that keen on any beans - in particular mung beans. But, I guess you can make anything delicious if you add a sugar syrup to it! A few spoonfuls was enough for me. If you want to cook yourself, just soak the mung beans in water overnight and then cook on a medium heat until tender. Then just add lots of sugar! This was only 8 baht.

Rice Flour Strings in Coconut Cream
pla gim kai tao

This dessert is sweet as usual but comes with a twist. It is called "khanom pla grim kai tao". As you can see, it has two halves - one is sweet and the other salty. The "strings" are made with rice flour and sticky rice flour. The salty half is made with thick coconut milk and salt and the sweet half with thin coconut milk and palm sugar. Not too bad and costs only 10 baht.

Pumpkin in Coconut Milk
faktong gaeng buat

This is another good Thai dessert that uses pumpkin as the main ingredient. To make, you need to mix sugar, salt and coconut milk together and cook over a medium heat until the sugar has all dissolved. Then add the sliced pumpkins and cook until done. When nearly done, pour in some coconut cream. This can be served either hot or cold though I prefer if it is chilled. This is only 10 baht.

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