Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thai Dessert 3

Sticky Rice Dessert
khao niewmoon na tang tang

This variety of sticky rice desserts was 40 baht from the market. It was topped with some coconut cream.

Indian Fried Pastry

This is a popular snack often seen on the street. The roti came with Indian immigrants to Thailand. Locally, we buy our roti from a Muslim family. Commonly there are two versions. This one has sweetened milk and sugar which costs about 7 baht each. Another version has an egg instead and is usually about 15 baht each.

Breadfruit in Syrup
Sakay Chuem

This is another one of those Thai desserts that uses a lot of sugar. Maybe too much. You need a sweet tooth to eat something like this. This was 25 baht.

Our dessert today was "tua dum saku biak" or Black Beans and Tapioca Balls. As in many Thai desserts, it had thick coconut milk and plenty of sugar. I am afraid I wasn't too keen on this dessert. But, at least I tried. This was only 10 baht. The next time you are walking the streets in Thailand don't be shy to try something new. Thai street food is not that expensive and is worth experimenting.

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