Monday, February 7, 2011

Central Thai Food

The Central region also has what is termed Royal Cuisine, a more sophisticated version of regional cuisine. Influenced by the kitchens of the Royal Court, dishes are elaborately prepared, making it as much an art form as a culinary masterpiece. As the largest agricultural area in the country, rice is an essential element of every meal. Various kinds of curries are used to bring a splash of variety to Central Thai food.

Central Thai food includes dishes such as Kaeng Phet, or curry, which is eaten with rice; Tom Yum, the most frequently ordered dish all over Bangkok, which is mixed with kung (shrimp), fish and chicken and is flavoured with lemon grass, chillies and kaffir lime leaves; Kaeng Khieo Wan, a spicy green curry with ingredients comprised of coconut milk, sweet basil and chillies;

Tom Kha Gai, a thick coconut milk curry made with chicken or meat with lemon grass; Kaeng Som, a spicy sour soup with fresh vegetables, shrimps or fish; Kaeng Liang, a traditional herbal, mild and spicy soup with vegetables; Phat Phak, or fried vegetables with oyster sauce, and Phat Prieo Wan, sweet and sour versions, are best known to complement rice and curry; Yum, a spicy salad dish full of torpedo-shaped chillies, which is quite popular and often ordered with a pre-dinner drink; and Nam Phrik, the most original Thai dish of all, which offers an array of different versions, all incredibly pungent to a foreign nose.

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