Monday, February 7, 2011

Festivals in Thailand - October

:: Chulalongkorn Day

When:23 October 2011 (Holiday on 24th)
Where:Throughout Thailand
This national holiday honours King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, one of Thailand’s most revered monarchs, who died in 1910. Ceremonies and presentations of floral wreaths are held at his statues.
:: Harvest Festivals
When:October 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
When the main rice crop has been harvested, it is time for traditional celebrations in many parts of Thailand. There are temple fairs, with processions and beauty competitions, even buffalo racing, while long-boat racing attracts huge crowds in many river locations.
:: Bathing Buddha Ceremony
When:October 2011
The ceremony is held on 15th day of the waning moon in the 10th lunar month. Maha Thammaracha Buddha image is brought in a procession around the town by the residents led by Governor of the province and then to the Pa Sak River in front of Trai Phum Temple where the ceremony is held. The Governor submerges the Buddha image by facing into 4 directions. The ceremony is believed to bring prosperity and peace to the city.
:: Lotus Throwing Festival
When:October 2011
Where:Samut Prakan
Held at the end of the Buddhist Lent in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, the ceremony starts at 06.00 am. with the boat procession carrying Luangpho To Buddha image along the canal. A thousand of residents and those who worships on both sides of the canal throw lotus flower onto the boat. Each village in the district sends 3 boats to join the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the fun starts with row boat racing, tank boat racing, boat tug-of-war competition and steamed sticky rice with banana eating competition.
:: Sakon Nakhon Wax Castle Festival
When:October 2011
Where:Sakon Nakhon
The festival is marked the end of Buddhist Lent and is complemented by Princess’s Cup Royal long-boat race. Isan people believe that high merits can be gained by offering beewax to the monks to use to light at night and to make candles. Originally, only beewax was offered. Then the tradition has developed into a big ceremony after times. Beewax nowadays is used to build intricately carved castles and brought in a procession and competition. There are local cultural performances and local music performances which reflect the lively and fun nature of Isan people.
:: The Illuminated Boat Procession
When:October 2011
Where:Nakhon Phanom
The illuminated boat tradition is a worship of the Buddha and it is also a symbol of casting away all the misfortune, grief and misery. Traditionally, the residents build the boats with banana trunks and bamboo sticks to make magnificent forms and structures of the boat. Within, it contains flower, incense sticks, candles and assortment of offerings. When the night falls, the owners of the boats set alight the boat with the lanterns and float along the river. Contemporarily, the boats are adorned with light bulbs, fireworks and pyrotechniques.
:: Buffalo Racing
When:October 2011
This unique buffalo races is held annually only in Chonburi province. Farmers decorate their buffaloes colourfully with flower garlands, colourful clothes, ornaments and are brought to parade in the festival and in the race. The farmers will have to manage the buffaloes to speed against the others. Apart from the race which brings fun and excitement to the audience, there is also beauty pageant for best decorated and healthiest buffaloes as well as for ladies.
:: Chak Phra Festival
When:October 2011
Where:Surat Thani
Held at the end of Buddhist Lent by Tapi Dam, near Wang Tai Hotel, the tradition is unique to Surat Thani province and refers to the procession of decorated cars and boats carried Buddha image marching on land and in the water. Complementing the fun to the festival, long-boat race draws the residents and tourists to the river bank. There are also boat decoration competition, exhibition and local product stalls.

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