Monday, February 7, 2011

Festivals in Thailand - September

:: Sart Thai Kluay Khai Kamphaeng Festival
When:September 2010
To preserve this long cultural heritage of the province, the festival features Kluay khai or Pisang Mas banana of which exceptionally tastes the best when it comes from this province and often eaten with Kraya Sart, a Thai dessert made of peanut, sesame, green rice, popped rice and palm sugar. Held every 10th lunar month, the festival includes Buddhist alms giving ceremony, Kraya Sart making demonstration, desserts made from Kluay Khai demonstration, local product stalls, concert and other entertainment.
:: Uttaradit Sweet Langsat and Souvenir Fair
When:September 2010
Langsat from Uttaradit is the best of all those from other regions. This is a beautiful chance to taste the fruit as well as shop for local products. Performances and local games and sports are displayed. One-day langsat orchard tours is also organised but if one would like to learn more of the culture of the province, homestay accommodation can be arranged.
:: Chiang Rai Pomelo Festival
When:September 2010
Where:Chiang Rai
Pomelo is more than just a fruit. At pomelo festival in Chiang Rai, different products made from pomelo await to be discovered. Apart from its juicy and refreshing quality, Wiang Kaen residents present the different methods of cooking and preserving it such as pomelo vinegar, pomelo sweets. Every part of the fruit is transformed into useful products such as dish washing liquid, shower gel, incense sticks. Stage performance, beauty pageant, local and tribal cultural show and local games and sports can be enjoyed in the festival.
:: 10th Lunar Month Merit-Making
When:September 2010
Where:Nakhon Si Thammarat
10th Lunar Month merit-making custom is held to pay respect to late ancestors. It is believed that they are let free from hell during the waning moon and return to the hell afterwards. Therefore, the relatives make merits to be dedicated to them. There are cultural performances, exhibition, local products (OTOP) and competitions during the festival.
:: Narathiwat Gor Boat Racing
When:September 2010
The boat race takes place on Bangnara River, Mueang, Narathiwat. Gor boat is fishing boat painted with colourful stories or portraits of animals in Hindu literature, Ramayana or folklore characters such as naga, lion, monkey, mermaid, garuda. Batik, products made from sedge and indigenous langsat are good souvenir to bring back home.
:: Barbequed Pork Fair
When:September 2010
Trang Chamber of Commerce holds this event annually in September at Thammarin Intersection. Restaurants set up their booths and showcase their best grilled pork. This event has become well-known countrywide due to its deliciousness and variety of the recipes. Thai folk music, dance performances and other entertainment are a part of the fair.

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