Monday, February 7, 2011

Festivals in Thailand - November

:: Loi Krathoong

When:10 November 2011
Where:Throughout Thailand
Perhaps the most charming and unique of Thailand’s traditional festivals. On this full moon night, celebrants, especially romantic couples, gather beside rivers and lakes throughout the country, to launch tiny floats, containing flowers, candles and incense, in an act symbolising the forgiveness of past misdeeds and a gesture of wish fulfilment.
:: Surin Elephant Roundup
When:15-16 November 2011
Now a great favourite with locals and foreigners who travel to this eastern town to see hundreds of elephants racing, in ancient battle re-enactments, even playing football. There are displays of how wild elephants are captured and trained, with opportunities for rides.
:: Bangkok Marathon
When:20 November 2011
Full, half and quarter marathons attract thousands of runners from around the world.
:: Long Sapao Chao Wiang Lakorn, Lampang Floating Festival
When:November 2011
The festival is held during the full moon of 12th lunar month. The tradition has been practiced over a thousand years. The boats are built and beautifully decorated to be floated into the river. It is believed that floating the boat is a way to dedicate or offer the alms to the dead or deposit the merit for themselves in the next life.
:: Sukhothai Loi Krathong and Candle Festival
When:November 2011
Originated in Sukhothai 700 years ago, Loi Krathong or floating festival has been practiced during the full moon of 12th lunar month of every year. The festival is held at Sukhothai Historical Park. The highlights are displayed of lighted candles and fireworks, light & sound presentation, the float procession of Krathongs. There are also krathong design contest, Noppamart beauty pageant, Sukhothai arts and cultural performances.
:: Blooming Mexican Sunflower Festival
When:20 November 2011
Where:Mae Hong Son
Welcome cool season amidst the Mexican Sunflower fields that brighten up Doi Mae Ukor, Mae Hong Son. Due to the mountainous landscape of the province, it is the home to hilltribe people whose various traditions and cultures are preserved by the government. Visitors can visit the tribes and locals’ cultural exhibition, performances, games and sports.
:: River Kwai Bridge Festival
When:November - December 2011
In remembrance of River Kwai Bridge and the construction of the Death Railway and the Hellfire Pass built by Allied prisoners-of-war during World War II, the festival features fireworks display over the bridge. The event highlights include historical and archeological exhibitions, folk and cultural performances as well as local product stalls.
:: Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon
When:November 2011
Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon is one of the world standard athletic sports. The start and finish line is at Sanam Chai Rd., in front of the Grand Palace. The competition is divided into marathon (42 km), half marathon (21 km), mini-marathon (10 km) and micro-marathon (5 km).
:: Monkey Buffet Festival
When:November 2011
Being the attraction where over 300 macaque monkeys abode, Phra Kan Shrine, the buffet with a variety of food are set up for the monkeys to enjoy. The event was initiated in 1989 and has become popular amongst the tourists.
:: Phimai Festival
When:November 2011
Where:Nakhon Ratchasima
Full, half and quarter marathons attract thousands of runners from around the world.

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